Solvent Extraction Line

Sunflower seed oil extraction plant

Sunflower seed oil extraction plant

1. Processing raw material: sunflower seed cake 2. Processing capacity: 5tons-2000tons per day 3. Product of this workshop: crude sunflower oil and sunflower meal 4. Accept turnkey sunflower oil production plant proje...

During the technology of sunflower oil leaching, the pre-pressed cakeis transported to extractor by a conveying device, and after being mixed with solvent can get the concentrated mixed meal and wet meal.So the extraction machine is very important, there are many kinds of extraction machines We will choose extractor for our clients according to clients’ different demand and the processing requirement .

Lingfine company have the following extractor:Horizontal Rotary Extractor

Continuous type include Rotocel Extractor,Loop Type Extractor, Ballyuan Extractor.

Intermittent type include tank group type extractor.

In addition , Desolventizer-toaster, Solvent Tank, Evaporator, Stripping Column,and tail gas recovery machine also are important machines in sunflower oil solvent extraction section.

Advantages of solvent extraction process

(1) The oil production efficiency is high; the residue oil rate in meal is less than1%, and the high quality of meal is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of meal.

(2) Easy to achieve mass production and production automation.

(3) The whole production line takes closed processing with low operating temperature,and good production environment.

(4) Suitable for all kinds of oil crops extraction.

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