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Soybean oil refining machine

Soybean oil refining machine

1.Soybean oil refinery machine or customized full set soybean oil processing line, whatever you are going to install, Lingfine company can always meet your needs and offer the best solution! 2.Soybean oil refinery mach...

Both the physical and chemical refining can be used to get high quality soybean oil. It can to used to refine crude soybean oil by pressing way or solvent extraction way. You can choose the appropriate soybean oil refinery machine according to the quality of your crude soybean oil and the capacity.

No matter the crude soybean oil is get by oil press or oil solvent extraction way, it can be refined by the soybean oil refinery machine. The main purpose of soybean oil refinery machine is to separate the impurities in the crude soybean oil based on the different characteristics and enhance the stability and purity of oil. Soybean oil refinery machine includes two technologies, physical refining and chemical refining.

Soybean oil refining machine pictures and flow chart:

Crude Soybean oil refining plant consists of four stages: continuous de-gumming and neutralization, continuous bleaching and continuous deodorization. Following are equipment involved:

Continuous de-gumming and neutralization stage: including crude oil storage tank, centrifugal oil pump, heating machine, acid reaction tank, cooler, alkali reaction tank, plate heat exchanger, vacuum drier, soapstock tank, dirty oil tank, hot water tank.

Continuous bleaching stage: clay dosing instrument, clay-oil pre-mix tank, pipeline heater, plate heat exchanger, main bleaching tower, bleaching clean oil storage tank etc.

Continuous deodorization stage: vacuum deaerator, remaining tank, main deodorization tower, fat acid capture tower, final oil temporary storage tank etc.

The start and ending use of these equipment mentioned above have different sequence logically; some key parameters such as flow rate, temperature, pressure, liquid level could directly influence the quality of the oil. So computer monitoring system in the control room will show the dynamic production process .It is easier for people to control the parameter, save data automatically and form report flow sheets due to needs like production, techniques, quality and equipment.

Introduction of Soybean oil refining machine

1.Neutralization pot: For acid refining, alkali refining and water washing.

2.Decolorization pot: Bleach oil and remove pigment from oil.

3.Deodorization pot: Remove odor from oil(Made of stainless steel).

4.Heat conduction oil furnace: Provide heat energy for production,the temperature can reach 280°C.

5.Vacuum pump: Provide vacuum degree for decolorization and deodorization,up to above 755mgHg.

6.Air compressor: Dry decolorization bleaching clay.

7.Filter press: Filter bleaching clay.

8.Steam generator: Provide steam for deodorization & distillation.

Quality requirements of crude oil

1.Moisture and volatile matter of crude soybean oil:≤0.25%

2.Impurity content of crude soybean oil:≤0.2%

3.Acid value of crude oil(mgKOH/g):≤7

Product quality index

1.Transparency : clear and transparent

2.Smell and taste : no strange smell

3.Color(lovibond colorimeter 133.4 slots)≤R1 Y10

4.Moisture and volatile matter:≤0.10%

5.Impurities content:≤0.10%

6.Acid value(mgKOH/g):≤0.12

7.Peroxide value(mmol/kg):≤3

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