Biodiesel Production Line

Small Biodiesel Making Plant Machine

Small Biodiesel Making Plant Machine

Processing capaicy: 500kg to 5 tons per day Raw oil: vegetable oil, waste cooking oil, waste animal oil etc...

Processing capaicy: 500kg to 5 tons per day

Raw oil: vegetable oil, waste cooking oil, waste animal oil etc

Biodiesel production process

Biodiesel Process Characteristics

1. The raw material is pretreated to dehydrate continuously, improving the conversion rate of esterification (transesterification), high production yield;

2.Adopts period esterification (transesterification) to handle the oil waste materials which are with high acid value, this is conducive to the realization of the catalytic reaction of different catalysts, further improving the reaction speed, shortening the reaction time;

3.Methanol is pressed into the system according to the required amount in esterification (transesterification) reaction, which ensures the reaction process under the higher temperature, accelerating reaction speed;

4.Mixed steam produced in the process of esterification (transesterification), and the residual methanol vapor in the system after completion of the reaction enter into the methanol rectification tower, which greatly reduces the consumption of steam and water;

5.The dehydration of gas was carried out before high temperature distillation and the oxidation and polymerization loss of fatty acid methyl ester were reduced to ensure product quality.

6.Adopts staged distillation operation, to ensure the operation stability of the first distillation, shorten the time of high temperature fatty acid methyl ester, also reduce the oxidation of fatty acid methyl esters and polymerization losses. To ensure that the residual fatty acid methyl ester in the residue after second distillation is as low as possible, and the production yield is high.

7.Twice distillation both uses high vacuum distillation, reducing the oxidation loss of fatty acid methyl ester;

8.Recycle water and glycerol from the esterification (transesterification) waste water, this way, can not only recycle the glycerol with high added value, and also greatly reduce the environmental pollution, one part of recycling water is used for biodiesel production process, the rest water is used in vacuum system circulating water.

Quality standard

The quality indexes of rapeseed oil and acid oil production of biodiesel

Main Technical Performance Index

Item Product index
Density (15℃) 0.82-0.90 g·cm-3
Flash Point ≥ 130 ℃
Cold Filter Plugging Point Report
Sulfur Content ≤ 0.05 %
Sulphated Ash ≤ 0.02 %
Ash (oxidation) ≤ 0.02 %
Water Content ≤ 500 mg·kg-1
Cetane Ratio ≥ 47
Acid Value ≤ 0.80 mgKOH·g-1
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