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Rapeseed oil refining plant machine

Rapeseed oil refining plant machine

1. raw material: crude sesame oil from press or solvent extraction process 2. Final product: refined sesame oil of 1st grade 3. Processing capacity: 3tons-600tons per day...

After the rapeseed(canola) pressed and solvent extraction, the crude rapeseed(canola seed) oil will be transported to refining plant. Three different refining technology can be used in crude rapeseed oil refinery.

First, Continuous refining process

This process continuously performs four refining sections,including degumming and deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing . The process has the advantages of high refining rate, low loss and high product quality.It is Suitable for large and medium refining workshop.

Second, Semi continuous refining process

It is a mixed process of batch production process and continuous production process. The refining rate is higher than that of batch production process. It is Suitable for medium and small oil factory.

Third, Batch refining process

Each refined sections operate intermittently.The process has the advantages of simple equipment,less investment,flexible process.It allow to be replaced raw oil varieties at any time.It is Applicable to small oil refineries or oil refineries with frequent oil.

Reference pictures of canola seed(rapeseed) oil refining plant.

Specification of crude degummed rapeseed oil:

Item Standard
Smell and taste The original smell and taste of edible oil
Moisture and volatile matter (%)           ≤ 0.20
Insoluble impurities (%)                 ≤ 0.20
Acid value (mgKOH/g)                 ≤ 4.0
Peroxide value (mmol/kg)              ≤ 7.5

Specification of refined degummed rapeseed oil:



Color (Lovibond Cell 133.4mm)          ≤

R2.0  Y20

Smell and taste                        ≤

No smell and good taste

Transparence                         ≤

Clear and transparent

Moisture and volatile matter (%)          ≤


Insoluble impurities (%)                 ≤

Acid value (mgKOH/g)                ≤


Peroxide value (mmol/kg)              ≤


Smoke point (°C)                      ≥



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