Oil Refining Line

Palm oil Physical refining machine

Palm oil Physical refining machine

1.Raw material of refining plant: crude palm oil 2.Processing capacity:10-600 tons 3.Oil quality: Edible first grade palm oil...

Plam oil refining plant introduction

After measurement the crude oil is pumped into the pipeline filter, then delivered to the heat exchanger for heating, after heating the oil go into the reaction tank for 30 minutes mix with acid by efficient mixer, so the nonhydratable phospholipids which is difficult to hydratedand is separated from grease, and in the next process combined with active clay ensure the oil and color stability in physical deacidification.

De-gummed oil is sent to bleaching section to bleach. Oil to be bleached is pumped to mixed tank and heating tank separately. A proportion of oil to be bleached is pumped into a mixing tank to mix with dosed bentonite, and another part of oil to be bleached is pumped to the heater. The mixture and the heated oil go into the bleaching tank to de-colourize. Consequently, the mixture of oil and bentonite is pumped into leaf filter to remove deposable bentonite.

Blade filters make it possible to perform continuous operation of bleaching. Filtered oil is pumped into the storage tank for deacidification and deodorization after being cooled in a heat exchanger and filtered safely .

Deodorization section is to remove the unpleasant odor from bleached oil. Certain amount of citric acid liquid is added to the oil to be deodorized to chelate the metal ion in oil. The oil then enters a deaeration tank to remove air in the oil by high vacuum. Then oil is pumped into a heat exchanger to raise temperature with hot deodorized oil; sunflower oil is heated further by mineral oil to raise the temperature to 240~265℃. The heated oil goes into the deodorizer tower from the top of flash sector; mixes with the rising steam to strip low molecular organic compound. Oil flows down to the bottom of tower to perform pigment decomposition. The flavor of oil is improved. Oil is pumped into the main sector of deodorizer tower to further remove free fatty acid (FFA). The vapor goes into FFA stripping sector to exchange heat; the condensed low molecular compound goes into the recycling FFA stripping system. The deodorized oil from the bottom of deodorizer tower is pumped out to exchange heat with oil that comes out from the deaeration tank, and then goes to a cooler. Finally, oil is filtered by polished filter. Final product is sent to final oil tank, which can be sold as salad oil.


1. Apply current advanced technology combining with international-popular physical refining technology.

2. Mixer is centrifugal type. With this machine, material liquid can be mixed with acuity in a short time to meet the requirement of process. Combining with short mix and long mix process makes the process more reasonable, and ensures refining effect;

3. High efficiency continuous vacuum drier with stainless padding, it is in high efficient.

4. Heat exchanger is made of stainless thin plate,it has high heat transferring efficiency;

5. “Cycling evaporation stirred decolorizing tower” is used in bleaching section , which can save energy and reduce the leakage of vacuum due to machinery stirring;

6. Equipped with vertical leaf filter to remove spent bleaching clay from the oil in bleaching section, operating conveniently and continuously, low laboring tense, keeps environment well, keeps oil residence in deposable bleaching earth in low level

7. The heat exchange between oil and oil in the process emphases the maximum use of energy.

8. Stabilization of product quality

9. Deodorizer tower plays an important role and is the key element to make high quality oil. Our De-odorization tower has flash sector, holding sector, and high effective gentleness main de-odorization sector which ensure high quality of oil. It combines with the function of FFA and odor compounds rapidly, makes good flavor for oil. Meanwhile, this tower has the advantage of lowering steam consuming of 30-50% than traditional tower and avoids of the hydrolyzation of oil;

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