Fractionation Machine

Palm oil Fraction plant machine

Palm oil Fraction plant machine

Coconut oil, palm oil, animal oil and other fats from a variety of different melting point of triacylglycerol, which makes the melting point range of oil is different. At a certain temperature, the melting point differen...

Oil fractionation introduction:

Palm oil fractionation technology adopts advanced palm oil processing technology of controlled cooling, crystallization, filtration and separation technology, obtaining palm oil with different melting points, like 33℃, 24℃, 18℃, 14 ℃,12℃,10℃,8℃,etc. This featured palm oil fractionation machine with fully computerized automation is featured by low investment, high liquid oil yield, high purity of solid fat, high profit etc.


Dry fractionation processing method is divided into four steps: pretreatment; forming crystal nuclei with cooling method; crystal growth and maturity; separating oleic acid and solid acid with filtration method.

In the process, the cooling conditions will determine the start of the nucleus crystallization, the number of crystals and crystal size. Cooling efficiency and orderliness undoubtedly become the decisive factors to ensure the unique formation and filtration of crystal. Only get a fully controlled cooling curve, can it produce a stable, uniform and filtered crystals.

New technology, that is dry fractionation has great flexibility, you can use the same set of equipment to produce all grades of oleic acid and solid acid, through changing operating parameters.

Features of the process and main equipment

1. RBD palm oil for processing is pumped to the production line, and finally produce finished oil. These all operations are ultimately controlled by the computer. Through using the reliable automated computer control system, to ensure precise cooling procedure of crystallizer, which has been proved by industrial production. This advanced computer control system, is also reflected that it does not need manual operation in the whole operation, all controlled by prepared computer software. All operations including remote control and indicator are controlled by a central control room, thus ensure the proper operation of all the static thermal valves, level switches, motors and filters.

2. Required fractionated oil is preferably stored in an oil storage tank with stirring function, to prevent solid fat precipitation and to ensure uniform oil feed to the plant. Storage tank temperature should be higher than the oil melting point about 10 ℃ ~ 20 ℃.

3. Before RBD palm oil into crystallizer, first passed through a plate heat exchanger, oil is heated from 45 ℃ to about 70 ℃, the solid fat is completely melted.

4. Crystallizer is a cylindrical vessel, it has a large cooling area, and with a unique agitator to ensure maximum product uniformity and high efficiency of heat exchange in the whole crystallization process. Crystallizer has a water circulation system, import and export valves of raw materials, all kinds of water inlet and outlet valves and switches, all operating and procedures are automated, controlled by preparatory software PLC.

5. Slurry oil and water temperatures have been measured and recorded. Water temperature is controlled in step procedure through a micro-information processor, to ensure that to be crystallized under the predetermined cooling curve.

6. Crystallization time is adjusted depends on the required quality of product, which can be operated through a curve stored in the computer of the control room. Large cooling area to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of control, the obtained crystal is uniform and easy to filter and has stable structure.

7. Crystallization of RBD palm oil is transported to the membrane filter through the filter pump. Membrane filter is made up of filtration plates, membrane, spacer plates and other components. Slurry oil block by block through the filter plate into all the spacer plates, the liquid fat outflows through the filter cloth from corrugated channels of rubber membrane, and then through the outside enclosed pipe of the filter frame into the palmitin tank, leaving solid fat. When the filter intervals is full of solid fat, need to stop inputting crystallized palm oil, and by high pressure (usually use compressed air), making diaphragm expansion squeeze solid fat, then such residual liquid fat in solid will be removed more cleanly . After pressing, the oil slurry inlet is purged with compressed air, the recovered oil slurry is sent to purge tank to store. After releasing the pressure of filter, open the filter and let the cake discharge. A hook slide chain moves between two beams, moving the diaphragm so as to allow the filter cake to fall into oil melt slot. Filter-cake in oil melt a lot is heated and then be pumped into solid fat storage tank. Use hot-liquid fat to regularly clean filter-cloth to melting solid fat on the filter-cloth.

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