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Oil Seed Cleaning Section and Equipment

Oil Seed Cleaning Section and Equipment

Oil cleaning refers to the use of various cleaning equipment to remove impurities contained in the oil process. Oil seed cleaning and selecting is an important processing to the whole oil production process. ...

In vegetable oil seeds, some impurities are inevitably entrained. In general, the impurities in oil are 1% – 6%, and the highest is 10%. Most of the impurities mixed with oil will adsorb a certain amount of oil in the process of oil production, but exist in the cake, resulting in oil loss and lower oil yield. Mixed with organic impurities in oil will cause oil or oil to deepen the influence of oil sediment quality at the same time, meal quality is poor, affecting the development and utilization of resources of the cake.

Using a variety of cleaning equipment will reduce oil loss to remove these impurities, improving oil yield; improving the quality of oil and meal; improving the processing capability of the equipment; ensuring the safety of equipment, and ensuring the sanitation of production environment

After cleaning, the oil can not contain large impurities such as stone, iron impurity, rope head, Artemisia and so on. The contents of total impurities in oilseeds and oil content in miscellaneous oils should be in accordance with the regulations. Peanut, soybean impurity content shall not exceed 0.1%; cottonseed, rapeseed, sesame and impurity content shall not exceed 0.5%; the amount shall not exceed 0.5% of peanut, soybean, cottonseed oil containing waste clean-up, rapeseed, sesame oil containing cleaning waste amount shall not exceed 1.5%.

A efficient vibrating screen is installed to sieve the worst impurities. A suction-style specific gravity destoner is set up to remove stones and mud. In oil seed cleaning section, LINGFINE also puts in place a dust-cleaning system to make sure a clean work environment. Of course, vibrating sieve is essential equipment during oilseed cleaning. Vibrating sieve adopts advanced technology, is one of oilseed cleaning machines. It is a common machine always used in the oilseed processing plant. Vibrating sieve is widely used to clean the raw material in flour mills, feed works, rice plant, oil plants and chemical plants etc..

Cleaning Machine


Our company has a variety of different cleaning machines for customer choice, cleaning machine is the ideal equipment for grain cleaning and impurity removing in purchasing and warehousing, it is also one of the pretreatment equipment for grain oil production. This machine can clean different grains by changing the screen mesh, can work outdoors under local climate and environmental conditions,in loading state, continuously, stably and reliably remove grain impurities, widely used for oil plant, winery, starch plant, feed processing plant, rice, corn, wheat cleaning etc.

Performance Characteristics

The cleaning machine can work with capacity 80-100t/h every day, continuously for more than 24 hours. The initial cleaning efficiency is that,big impurities>85%; small impurities>40%. Compared to large model cleaning machine, medium-sized cylindrical cleaning machine is with capacity 50-60t/h daily, with smaller size, the rest of performance characteristics and functions are the same with big models. With different types, the cleaning machine performance is also different.

Advantages of Cleaning Machine

For the above cleaning machine, it is with advantages of beautiful appearance,compact structure, convenient movement, efficiency dust impurity removing, reliable quality etc. And the screen mesh can be adjusted accordingly to customer requirement, suitable for various different materials. Even more, the cleaning machine can be customized according to requirement.

Stoning Machine

Introduction of Specific-gravity Stoner

When stoning machine working, material continues to enter into middle part of stoning screen from hopper. As the function of stoning screen vibrating and airflow passing through material, theporosity between particles is increased, materials are in the fluidized state, promoting the automatic grading, stones with bigger specific gravity sink to the bottom and contact with screen surface, under the influence of screen vibration system inertial force and airflow, slide up to fine cleaning district. Grains with lighter specific gravity float to the top, driven by gravity, inertia force, and continuous feeding, slide down to clean grain outlet

Performance Characteristics

Specific-gravity stoner is the machine that separating heavy impurities from grains according to different specific gravity and suspension velocity between grain and sandstone. The working principle is to carry out the separation of grain and sandstone by means of regulating airflow and screen inclination. Specific-gravity stoner is with advantages of good stoning effect, simple structure, small dimension and low consumption etc. Grains first time after cleaning by specific-gravity stoner, stoning rate is more than 95%, tile, clod removing rate is more than 60%, few grains missed. In removed sandstones,full grains are not more than 100pcs/kg. According , specific-gravity stoner separate heavy impurities out.

According to flow pattern, specific gravity stoner is divided into two kinds: air-suction type and air-blast type. Air-blast specific gravity stoner is composed of feeding device, stoning screen, airflow system and transmission mechanism etc. The structure of air-suction specific gravity stoner is basically the same with air-blast type, only without draught fan, equipped with good airtight suspended hood and aspiration channel on stoning screen, connecting with fan of factory  aspiration network, no dust blowing outwards, more used in actual production.

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