Solvent Extraction Line

Castor seed oil solvent extraction machine

Castor seed oil solvent extraction machine

1. Processing capacity: 1-500tons per day 2. Technology: pretreatment prepress, solvent extraction, refining 3. Usage: the castor seed oil is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, lubricants, lubricants, metal processing...

The main advantages of fixed material layer large spray extraction process

is that material layer is relatively fixed which stands in extraction lattice and its thickness is up to 2 m, different concentrations of mixed oil and fresh solvent through a large spray material layer,forming a 30- 50 mm liquid surface on the upper surface, so that the whole grid of raw materials are in contact with the solvent to finish the extraction process; Meanwhile, mixed oil circulation spray adopts"self-grided", to collect the overflow grid, thus to ensure oil in grease is maximum extracted, so that residual oil content in meal will be less than 1%.

Technology parameter

Steam(pressure 6Kgf/cm2):  <300kg/T


Water <25kg/T

Meal moisture10.5-13 %( can be controlled)

Oil residue in meal<1%

Solvent residue in meal<600PPM

Solvent residue in oil<300PPM

Equipment selection and technology characteristics

For the extraction plant, the basic principles of design are safety, reliability, energy saving, low failure rate, easy to maintain, long life. When select the equipment, should accord with advanced energy saving technology to select new equipment, the detail is listed as following:

Rotocel extractor: Frequency conversion can adjust the speed of cell or capacity; Stainless steel fixed plates are used, the height of cell is 2.5M,while height of material is 1.7M,thus extractor has large surplus capacity, it is helpful to expand capacity in the future. Meanwhile, high material level improves extraction efficiency. Extractor has 18 cell, cross grids is applied to prevent the mix oil flowing backwards into the final meal-dropping cell;

The new DTDC desolventizer toaster: through improve the machine, its upper structure is large hat head, first and second floor for pre-de-solvent, third floor for the desolvent, fourth flour for final desolvent, fifth floor for drying. Structural advantages: fourth floor becomes further desolventizing stage, can heating or without heating according to actual situation, which can effectively prevent the bad evaporation of high-boiling solvent, causing high consumption of solvents; fifth floor for drying, the developed DTDC desolventizer toaster has many advantages, including save power, save energy, low dissolved consumption, small meal foam, drying and cooling can be used at the same time. Consumption will increase by about 0.3%, W is equal to MIU (moisture, mechanical impurities, and unsaponifiables), the sum of the free fatty acids and non-oil substances.

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