Solvent Extraction Line

Batch type crude cooking oil solvent extraction machine

Batch type crude cooking oil solvent extraction machine

Suitable capacity: less than 30 tons per day Raw materials: all kinds of oil seed cake Advantage: lower investment...

The tank type extractor is a cylindrical container with a disc-shaped head.

At the bottom of the cylindrical tank there is a false bottom, which is composed of two layers of diameter of 8mm sieve plate, the middle folder with sacks or brown fiber and other components.

The fake bottom is mounted on the lower lattice frame to withstand the weight of a can of material and leach solvent and the vapor pressure (typically around 98 kPa) during “under pressure” operation.

After finish installation of the fake bottom, the requirements is only the mixed oil and solvent and other liquid can go through, and meal and other particles can not pass.

In the roof with a feed tube, in the tank there is meal discharge hole, the tank shell is equipped with a variety of related operations connection pipes.

Tank type leaching is characterized by simple equipment, less investment, solvent consumption and energy consumption, oil adaptability, suitable for small quantities of small quantities of small production enterprises.

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