Fractionation Machine

Animal oil fractionation machine

Animal oil fractionation machine

1.Raw material: refined animal oil 2.Processing capacity:1-500 tons per day 3.Continuous production technology ...

Generally oil(including fat acid) is a mixture composed of crystal with high melting point under high temperature and liquid with low melting point. The aim of fractionation is to separate the liquid “oil acid” from the crystallized “solid acid”. The formation of these two parts is based on the temperature of crude oil during its processing.

The technique used in the extraction can be classified :

(1)Dry fractionation;

(2)fractional extraction (ethane, acetone or others);

(3)abstergent separator fractionation, including additional chemical.

Lingfine company use Dry fractionation to separate oil fat and fat acid, the advancement of the techniques has been highly acknowledged by the production practice.

1. Basic principle and method:

Four procedures of dry fractionation: pre-processing, crystal atomic nucleus using cooling method, crystal accruement and maturation, separating oil acid and solid acid.

During the processing, cooling condition will determine the beginning of crystallization of the atomic nucleus, the number and size of crystals. Cooling efficiency and sequence are the determining factors for the special formation of crystal and the filterability with no doubt. Only by obtaining fully control over cooling curves can we produce stable, filterable and even crystal.


Dry Fractionation possesses great flexibility which enables users to produce various degrees of acid oil and solid acid with one set of equipment only by altering the operating parameter.

3. Advantages

Low energy consuming with no waste water.

Operating flexible safe and easy to handle. All the procedure controlled by the computer fully guaranteed the stability of products.

Under different production parameter, production techniques are adaptable through computer automatic arrangement to achieve the production variability by software parameter variable producing. Extracting oil under 33℃,24℃,15℃,10℃ do not require additional hardware equipment investment

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