Cooking Oil Turnkey Project

3-500 TPD Rice Bran Oil Turnkey Project

3-500 TPD Rice Bran Oil Turnkey Project

Adopt the currently advanced process in the world, and domestic mature equipments. Rice bran extrusion pretreatment process is the most reliable method to form, fresh rice bran, to prevent rancidity and improve oil yield...

Processing Technology:According to the quantity of rice bran, press or  rice bran extrusion can be choosed.

50T/D Rice bran oil turnkey project(extrusion, solvent extraction and refining)

1. Process description:

Adopt the currently advanced process in the world, and domestic mature equipments. Rice bran extrusion pretreatment process is the most reliable method to form, fresh rice bran, to prevent rancidity and improve oil yield. Rice bran evenly flows from disc feeder to bran and tips separation wind network, to separate some isolated rice and bran shell which against extrusion, and then into container. Rice bran through high temperature, high pressure, shear, friction, exploded instantaneous in extrusion machine, will has a series of physical and chemical reaction, forming many microporous and a certain intensity of expansion material. Expansion rice bran through plate dryer to decrease moisture and temperature, and then into sneak sieve screening to remove power content. Finally, rice bran extrusion materials through horizontal scraper into extraction plant to do extraction.

2.Main equipment characteristics

1).Bran and fine rice separator: use wind to separate fine rices from rice bran, to develop the extracted rate of oil and ensure normal operation of equipment. This device has high separation efficiency, convenient installation, free maintenance and other characteristics.

2).Extruder: extruder is made up of quantitative feeding system, steam conditioning system, extrusion system, steam jacket heating, variable cutting system, transmission system and electric control system.  The device has some advantages, advantaged and reasonable structure, stable mechanical performance, remarkable technology effect, long service life and good oil plants adaptability.

3).Plate dryer: it is suitable for drying rice bran processing, can effectively remove the moisture in the puffed rice bran, to meet the requirements of extraction process. Compared with other dryers, its structure is compact, high efficiency, uniform drying, lagre production, low energy consumption, reliable operation, easy operation method as well, is a ideal drying equipment.

3.  50T/D Rice bran solvent extraction

1) Process flow diagram

2).Technology characteristics

The extraction process is large volume process, adopts advantaged rotocel extractor and DT desolventizer toaster.

Pulp foam system trap can effectively avoid pulp foam entainment, to ensure transmission effect and evaporation efficiency.

The whole workshop layout is reasonable, beautiful generous, it is convenient for operation and management.

3). Main equipment Characteristics:

In order to meet client’s requirement; this design considers the current advanced technology, client’s long-term operating practice in the future. The basic principles of design are safety, reliability, energy saving, economy, low failure rate, easy to maintain, long life. The detail is listed as following:

4).Rotocel extractor: Frequency conversion can adjust the speed of cell or capacity;chain driven makes the operation stable and safety. Stainless steel fixed plates are used, the height of cell is 2.5M,while height of material is 2M,thus extractor has large surplus capacity, it is helpful to expand capacity in the future. Meanwhile, high material level improves extraction efficiency. Extractor has 16 cell, cross grids is applied to prevent the mix oil flowing backwards into the final meal-dropping cell; Cycling solvent pumps have large flux, low head, good sealed, low cost, low noise, stableness.

4.DT desolventizer toaster:1st and 2nd trays are used for    pre-heating. Each tray has indirect steam heating from the bottom. The 3rd tray for pre-de-solvent, while the 4th and 5th tray for drying the meal. Advantages:

1)With fit steam praying method, lowering the temperature of exit vapor, largely saving steam;Under the stage of air-tight, distributes direct steam with uniformity, it can make the solvent residue of final meal lower than traditional equipments.In each part of the equipment, meal has the same staying time, so the quality is unified.Vapor temperature can be automatic controlled by adjusting the flow rate of direct steam.

2)tripper: It is a new pattern stripper that combines stripper with crude oil tank. Special sphere baffle is used to make oil disperse evenly, so as to make the liquid and vapor mixed evenly, which avoids short-cut of direct steam. De-solvent capacity is high, and can avoid the case of solvent residue fluctuating due to the instability of vapor; thus, volatile in crude oil is largely reduced. The equipment can help to ensure the safety of refining plant. Trays are connected with flanges, easy for maintenance.

4.  10T/D Rice bran oil refining production line

1) Process description:

Adopt the currently advanced process in the world, and domestic mature equipments. After being measured, crude oil is pumped into refining tank and to do hydrate and alkali refining. Through degumming and deacidification process, oil from pump into washed tank to wash two or three times. And then oil is pumped into decolorization tank, add decolorization solvent to do decolorization under the vacuum pump condition. Through degumming and deacidification process, oil and soap is pumped from soap pump into salting-out tank. The decolorization oil into leaf filter, and then be pumped into deodorization tank under vacuum conditions, waste decoloring agent inside the filter through dry steam and air pressure drain back, drained oil id pumped into refining tank to hydration and alkali refining. Deodorization time is 8 hours, and deodorization temperature is 250℃. The deodorized oil through cooling tank flows into dewaxing tank to do winterization dewaxing.

Winterization dewaxing process is that according to the freezing point difference between wax and oil, under a given time and temperature conditions, use method of reducing oil temperature, make the wax crystallization precipitation, and then to filter mechanically and separate wax and liquid oil, making the finished oil reach refrigeration test standard. The purpose of winterization dewaxing is to remove high melting point wax, which will cause oil become muddy under the low temperature conditions.

2)Technology characteristics

product diversification, this technology can produce gradeI and gradeII oil, also produce gradeIII and grade IV oil.

Highly adaptable: adjust the technological parameter, can produce different grade of oil according to different kinds of material.

In the decolorization section, use high-efficienct vertical leaf filter to filter the waste clay. Its advantages are: easy operation, continuous operation, low labor intensity, good environment conditions, less waste clay in residual oil.

3) Main equipment Characteristics

Refining tank: it has degumming alkali refining and water washing function. Main body is a cylinder with cone bottom, internal tank has stirring shaft, and equipped with 2-4 pairs of blade stirring wings. Cone bottom has a special stirring wings, its structure is suitable with cone bottom, to easily stir soap. The stirring device is drived by transmission device installed on the tank cover. According to the technology requirements, generally set fast and slow speed. Near the tank internal wall, equipped with heating coil.

Salting-out tank: also called soap salting-out tank or soap adjusting tank, mainly used to collect entrained oil of residue oil and soap. Its structure is that cone bottom cylinder with stirring device, internal tank has hesting coil. The stirring device of tank only has one selected speed.

Decolorization tank: produce gradeII or gradeI oil before decolorization process. The main equipment of intermittent decolorization process is decolorization tank, its structure is a sealed cylinder with dish-type cover and cone bottom, tank has heating device, dish-type cover has vacuum tube, manhole, light, adsorbent suction tube and transmission device.

Oil winterization dewaxing system uses same equipment, can do winterization dewaxing for all kinds of oil, such as sunflower seed oil and cotton oil.

Decolorization and deodorization process adopt sealed operation syatem, can avoid the oxidation of oil, to ensure product quality stability.

Deodorization tank: for froducing gradeII and gradeI oil, deodorization tank id a necessary equipment of intermittent process. Its structure is a cylinder with dish-type cover head. In the tank, it has double heating coil, and its bottom has direct steam pipe. Cylinder body has manhole, upper dish-type cover has light, vacuum gauge connector and oil circular tube in the tank has a hat, for the purpose of capture entrained oil in the air exhausting process. Because deodorization operation temperature is above 200℃, generally adopt stainless steel material.

Crystallizing tank: Crystallizing tank is mainly used to provide suitable crystallization condition for wax. It adopts a similar refining tank structure, set internal heating device, and its stirring speed is suitable for wax-crystal to grow.

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