Cooking Oil Turnkey Project

1-500TPD Tea Seed Oil Turnkey Project

1-500TPD Tea Seed Oil Turnkey Project

Processing capacity: 1-500tons Technology: press or solvent extraction technology, and finally refining Tea seeds crude oil refining include:  degumming, deacidification, neturalization, bleaching, deodorization a...

Processing capacity: 1-500tons

Technology: press or solvent extraction technology, and finally refining

Tea seeds crude oil refining include:  degumming, deacidification, neturalization, bleaching, deodorization and dewaxing six sections.



Prepress work shop introduction:


The main purpose of this process is to remove impurities mixed with raw materials such as straw impurities and stone.

(1) High efficiency vibrating screen

With a double screen surface and suction system for the removal of raw materials in the large and small impurity.

agnetic separator:

Configuration without power magnetic separator to remove iron impurity.

(2) Flaking 

The main purpose of flaking is to destroy the cell wall of material, granular were press into sheet, increase the surface area, thickness change,changing the external structure of the material, which is favorable for heating, but also conducive to the absorption of water wetting and  volatile water when cooking, create favorable conditions for the follow-up process. In order to prevent embryo powder increased, the thickness should be controlled in 0.25 – 0.35 mm is more appropriate.

Hydraulic flaking mill

3) Cooking

The main purpose of steaming and frying is to adjust the moisture and temperature of the raw materials, so as to achieve the best fit of the squeezed water and temperature, which is conducive to the extrusion of oil.


(4) Oil press machine

The cooked billet is adjusted to the moisture and the temperature through the auxiliary frying pan, and then enters the spiral pre-pressing machine, and the oil in the cotton can be extruded about 70% in the pre-pressing process. The cake thickness less than 10-14 mm, the residual oil is less than 12 – 14%.

 The pre-pressing cake is leached through the conveying equipment to the leaching plant.


(5) Filter

Impurities in pre press out of the oil, the oil scraper, clear tank after initial separation, through the vertical leaf filter machine of small impurities in the oil to do further separation achieve the impurity in the pre pressed crude oil is less than 0.2%.

(6) Scraper conveyor:

The use of international advanced extravert type structure, the chain for the die forging, the scraper running stable and durable;

Average consumption of tea seed prepressing workshop(subject to per ton inlet material)

Steam consumption(pressure 6kgf/cm2) : less than 280kg/t

Electric consumption :  less than 37 KWH/T

Oil content in shell : less than1%

Residual oil in cake: less than10-18%

Cooking temperature:105-1100C

Water content in cake: less than 6%

Thickness of flaking:0.25~0.3mm

2.Solvent extraction workshop introduction

(1)Solvent extraction process

The pre-press cake from pre press workshop , the material into the extractor after contact with solvent reflux, oils are extracted then mixed oil extractor discharged into evaporation system, the wet meal is transported to the stripper through a buried scraper.

(2) Evaporation process

The first long tube evaporator of the mixed oil is heated and evaporated, so that the solvent in the mixed oil is turned into a gas, and the solvent is separated from the vegetable oil.

The first evaporator, the second evaporator, stripper

(3) .Stripping process

The wet meal from the extractor contains a large amount of solvent, and the wet meal enters into the steam line to  separate solvent dry and cool.

(4)  Condensation process

To recycle the gaseous solvent into a liquid by condenser

Consumption for pre-cake leaching workshop:

Steam consumption(pressure 6Kgf/cm2): less than 280 kg/t

Electric consumption: less than 10KWH/T

Solvent consumption: less than 2.8 kg/t

Water consumption:less than 25kg/t

Finished meal moisture: 10.5~13% adjustable

Residue oil:less than 1%

Solvent in meal:  less than 600PPM

Solvent in crude oil:less than 300PPM

 3. 1st tea seed oil refining workshop introduction:

(1)  Disc centrifuge

The workshop process uses the international advanced technology, both in the design process of conventional chemical refining, but also for the international popular physical refining. Centrifuge selection Jiangsu Yixing products, stable product high quality indicators

(2) Centrifugal mixer

Use centrifugal mixer , the equipment can make the mixing of severe degree, and complete the process requirements in a short time; long mixing device based on the combination of short mixing, two combined degumming deacidification process more reasonable, to ensure that the refining effect;

Vacuum dehydration solvent removal tower: In the process,  continuous vacuum solvent remove tower combine of stainless steel stuff and plate can achieve high efficiency  dehydration and solvent remove.

(3) Continuous decolorization tower

The machine is made of carbon steel, we design and manufacture Layer steam mixing type continuous decolorization tower the layer structure can effectively reduce the occurrence of short circuit phenomenon to ensure the decolorization time, the steam circulation does not produce "dead angle" phenomenon. The active clay and oil are mixed evenly, avoiding the air leakage caused by mechanical stirring, reducing the oxidation of oil and grease, and effectively ensuring the effect of continuous decolorization. No mechanical transmission parts, in the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment, saving the cost of mechanical maintenance and repair;


(4) Crystallizer

The variable frequency speed, flexible operation, as a result of the stirring mode correctly, reduce the maximum distance between the oil and the cooling surface, can guarantee the isothermal oil and isomorphous crystals. During the crystallization process, the crystal will not form a block in the fixed area;

(5) Diaphragm filter

The key components of the filter press – the material of the filter plate is a special formula of high – quality modified polypropylene, which is processed by a special numerical control equipment after a one-time molding the surface is smooth, the filter cavity is sealed.

(6) Deodorizing device

The combined packing tower from "flash tower", Retention apparatus and "Column filled deodorization tower " is composed of three parts, the physical acid remove is much higher than the plate type deodorization tower, steam consumption is only  1/3  of plate deodorization, for the processing of high quality and low cost of oil. Provide process and equipment guarantee.


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